signUpThe Message Flow Web Portal

Empowering our clients was job-one when developing our online portal, Message Flow. By streamlining the content management process and moving it to the web, we reduced the amount of time it takes to manage a successful and hallmarked on-hold & on-site environment. Now, our clients can administrate their content  ANYTIME... From anywhere they have web access!

messageFolowThe OH Admin

Generally, there is a single point of contact within a company who is charged with the task of on-hold and/or on-site messaging content management. We call this contact the OH Admin. While we take on the burden of writing the production copy for the OH Admin, he or she still has to periodically review it and inform us of necessary changes. Whether they complete this task alone, or with input from co-workers, Message Flow makes short work of the administrative process.

messageFolowWatch Message Flow In Action!

This short video features the Message Flow Web-Portal in action. After you watch, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. If you're business doesn't have on-site web access, no worries... We have other administration options and one is sure to fit within your work-flow!

Current Hallmark Audio clients, wanna give Message Flow a try!

Click the "CONTACT" link above and send us a message that you want to give Message Flow a try. We'll get your account setup and email when it's ready to log in. Or call us at 800.628.3467.