On-Hold Production & On-Site Music & Messaging

Our On-Hold & On-Site Music & Messaging programs, outlined below, are broken down into 3 categories:

Turn-Key On-Hold, On-Request On-Hold & On-Site Music/Messaging

If you'd like, we can custom tailor a program to your requirements. Just give us a call!

~ For any other audio-production need, visit the Anything Audio page ~

turnKeyTurn-Key On-Hold...

The complete on-hold solution! We provide everything from copywriting to playback equipment to final production. Updates are also included in this program and are scheduled throughout the year to keep your content current, and provide an on-hold environment befitting your company. More

onRequestOn-Request On-Hold

Purchase on-hold components as needed, with no yearly fees or contracts. On-Request productions are the perfect solution for those who don't feel the need to update on-hold content very often and/or are looking for a low-cost solution to providing a hallmarked on-hold environment for callers. More...

listenOn-Site Music/Messaging...

If you're not using on-site music and messaging to connect with your customers and cement your brand, you're missing out on one of the most powerful brick-and-mortar sales tools available. In fact it's more than powerful... It's YOU radio! More