What does your brand sound like?

If you're not sure, you could be playing the wrong music in your public spaces. On-Site Music is powerful. It defines you. It can set you apart and can actually impact your customer's behavior... For better or for worse. Hallmark Audio offers a wide range of customizable on-site popular music solutions that help you make better connections with your customers.

It's YOU Radio!

OK, you've got your sound. Now let's bring out the big guns and schedule short, informative commercials that run at carefully scheduled intervals throughout the day. Professionally produced spots reach your customers, at the point-of-sale, and tells them about sales, events, promotions, special appearances, etc. It's YOU radio!

Combine And Save!

For the ultimate in branded audio, hallmark your business with both On-Hold AND On-Site music and messaging and SAVE! We offer special discounts for combined packages that provide a consistent and branded customer experience every time a they call or come in to your place of business. 

Pricing By Quotation.

Since there are so many ways to customize your On-Hold and On-Site music and messaging program, pricing is provided by quotation. Give us a call and we'll develope a program that fits your individual needs and budget. 800-628-3467!

Net Delivery Means No Hands!

The playback equipment we provide you with updates your music and messaging via Internet pull technology. Music rotations and new commercials are scheduled and delivered from our server, automatically! No tapes, CDs, Mp3s or media of any kind for you or your employees to deal with.

Audition On-Site Music...

With over 200 carefully programmed music channels available, in just about every style and genre, we're you on-site music solution.

Keeping it all legal.

Relax... Hallmark Audio removes the daunting task of insuring you're music is 100% legal. ALL the music we provide is properly cleared and licensed with the appropriate industry players, including labels, performing rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, & SoundExchange) and publishers. All fees and contracts are taken care of on your behalf while subscribing to our services.